Let me start this rant (ish) by stating that I FULLY support the protests against breaking the public unions in WI and other places. If I could have found somebody to go with me, I would be at the rally in Hartford right now. These are not opening shots against worker’s rights, but they are certainly a ratcheting up of the war on them.  But I find myself asking, where are the rallys, the protests, the rage against the ratcheting up of the war on women’s reproductive rights/health?  Yes, most of the people I surround myself with are outraged, we’re posting link after link, making every more subtle “The Handmaid’s Tale” references.  But, and i”m not calling anybody out, a lot of people are dismissing these ridiculous laws that are being proposed, simply dismiss them as “stunt politics” and do nothing.  Yup, they are stunt politics.  And, yup, most of them probably aren’t going to pass.  But….we should STILL be pissed about it.  And more than that, we should be scared.  In my never to be humble opinion, women should be enraged by every one of these “stunts.”  It’s ridiculous!  A law proposing that women who come forward and say they’ve been raped are going to be “accusers” not “victims”, but other people alleging other (non woman related) crimes are victims?  WTF?  Maybe instead of saying “X was raped” we should say “X’s vagina was burgled” as apparently, burglery victims are more victims than those who are raped.

and I have now reached the point where my rage is interfering w/ my ability to be cogent, so I shall change topics.  Sort of.

Do you know what I’d like to see?  People who are truly, sincerely anti-abortion who, instead of picketing, threatening, terrorizing, etc women who go to receive reproductive care, which may or may not include abortion, come away from the clinics, and offer to actually HELP these women.  Would it end abortion?  Of course not, but I bet it would decrease it at least a bit if women faced w/ an unplanned pregnancy were told, “ok, we will take care of you, physically and mentally and emotionally until you come to term, and we will place your child in a completely closed, fully vetted adoption”

That would be far more pro-life than screaming “baby killer” at a woman who’s trying to get a pap smear.


I suppose now is as a good a time as any to discuss the glaring thing I haven’t been discussing in this blog.  My children.  Not the furbabies, my sons.  Both of my sons, when I decided I had to get out of AL, made the decision to stay, and who can blame them?  Al is home to them, they have spent their whole lives there, friends relationships etc.  So, I’m not angry at them, please don’t ever think that, but I don’t write about them often because I miss them too damn much.  Even in a blog that bears my real honest to God name, where I talk about epic failures and personal triumphs, there are things that are too private for blogs….at least in my opinion.  I will be honest with you, gentle readers, but that doesn’t mean I’m telling you everything.  I do censor myself for language, I do even occasionally proof read and spell check, and there are things that are not necessarily your business.  But I realized that those who knew my, and knew my children might think badly of me for not talking about them, so here is the truth.  I miss them to the depths of my soul.  Every day, hell probably every waking hour, I think about them.  Cuz, you see I don’t just love my kids cuz they’re mine, I love them because of who they are.  They are funny, sarcastic, witty, smart, wonderful humans, and I miss them constantly.  But that pain is one I try not to dwell on.  They are grown and practically grown, respectively, and it was their choice to make, and I understand, fully, why they made the decisions they did.  Hell, it’s the decision I would have made at their ages–Hell, I did make that decision at 19, when my parents moved to Southern Illinois.  So, I try not to think about it often.


So, I’m a little behind the mark on this one, but Friday’s dinner with Rebekah and Andee was generally succesfull.  The pulled pork was fantastic, as it seem to usually be.  The cole slaw was improved drastically by changing the amount of vinegar from 2.5 teaspoons to 1/4 cup.  However, the bbq chik’n (fake meat) wasn’t as good as I hoped, primarly because I didn’t ration enough bbq sauce for it to be bbq…it was mostly just fried up fake chicken.  The cake, however…EPIC SUCCESS.  Guiness cake is going to become my bring to things dish, I believe.  Rebekah and Andee where also far too generous to us, bringing beer for dinner, (Newcastle, yum), two bottles for our liquor cabinet, a lovely pomegranate liquor  and a bottle of Bailey’s, and a BJ’s gift card. (BJs is a warehouse shopping place, like Sam’s Club, not anything dirty, ya preverts).  Such generosity meant so much to me, and I really do appreciate it very much.  Conversation flowed beautifully, from subject to subject, a lovely time was had by all.  Hope to see them again soon.

housewifery news

I am coming to really appreciate the peace that seems to go along w/ having a tidy house.  How unstressfull my home feels when I look around and instead of seeing piles and piles of dirty laundry, dirty dishes, a floor that needs cleaning, all stuff that made me feel the continuing stress/shame/stress/shame/apathy, instead I look around, or I come home to a tidy, peaceful home.When I want to cook or eat, there are dishes and silverware.  When I want to wear something, I can easily find it.  It’s a feeling I never thought to appreciate it.  I mean, I think my brain got that, but I’m starting to understand it emotionally much more than I ever did.  I’m coming to love waking up and not being faced w/ the detritus of the day before.

and speaking of waking up

that brings us to a new section for the blog….Personal Triumphs!

Personal triumphs is a section where I will brag, shamelessly, about something I’ve accomplished that was difficult.

This weeks personal triumph–getting off ambian!  I’ve been taking ambian for about 3 years.  However, my insurance doesnt’ work up here, and it’s an expensive script, so, when it runs out, it’s gone.  I have gone 3 nights w/o any chemical help to sleep.  This is a huge deal for me.  Now, am I sleeping well?  No…it’s a struggle, and I usually don’t go to sleep til 4ish–hell, T got up for work this AM before I was asleep–but I am doing it!


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