I haven’t written in a few days, just because I haven’t felt like there was much to write about of interest.  I mean, let’s be honest…if I wasn’t interested in entertaining people, I would keep a private journal.  No, a blog is meant to be read by others, and that means it should be more than just endless navel gazing.  So, I try to write about things people might care about:  Learning to be a housewife….hell, there are all sorts of websites devoted to that, so there must be a market for it somewhere, learning to cook, same thing (plus, I include recipes!), books (most people I know read), politics, (most people I know live in the same world I do, at least most of the time), dog training (people like dogs, right?).  But I just didn’t think I had much to say for a few days, not least because I’ve been thinking about my kids a lot, and that’s, as I mentioned in my last entry, that’s not something that’s for public consumption.  But, today I am back, and if I do not entertain, at least I may inform.  And, if I do not inform, at least I have kept my deal with myself to blog every day!


Housewifery news:-

Tuesday, I spent a great chuck of time creating a housework calender–this includes daily tasks, things that have to be done every other day, once a week, and once a month.  Soon, I will be adding seasonal chores-stuff like washing curtains, etc.  Already, I see an improvement in my technique.  I don’t just wander from room to room, emptying the ashtray in the living room, putting away books in the bedroom, and then going back to the living room.  Nope, now I have a PLAN! A pre-created daily list, that will get everything done in a timely, regular spaced out manner! As I mentioned in my facebook status earlier, for the first time in my life, I feel like if anybody called and wanted to just “drop by” it would be no big deal.  My house is presentable for company, with little to no effort, every single daily.  It’s a strange and wonderful feeling, and it’s a strange and wonderful feeling to be “house proud.” There’s a place for everything, and everything is in it’s place.  I just hope that when I do go find a job, I can maintain this….cuz it’s pretty damn awesome.

I used Goggle calender to create my schedule.  That way, it is easy to set it up for daily, or how often, you want to do a task-one click, and “tidy bedroom (make bed, straighten books) shows up on my daily agenda in perpetuity!   So, that’s a heck of a lot less work than writing it out long hand on a paper calender.  Then, you put in the weekly stuff, for example polish the wood floors, and again, one click, and every weds, it reminds me to polish the floors.  Like I did w/ my grad school to do lists, when the day’s chores are done, I am done, no fair working ahead, because then you get into the cycle of “OMG I’ll never be done.”  One day, one list of chores, and then I am free to read, watch movies, walk down to the shops, etc.  Coming from somebody who has NO history of being a good housekeeper, this is a method I would def recomend to anybody trying to get (and keep) their shit together.  I only wish I had done it sooner.


104 in 2011

Boy, because of my going off my ambian (5 days!!!) I’ve gotten quite a bit of reading done since last we met:  The Nazi Officer’s Wife, Sex with the Queen, The Worst Person in the World, and Profoundly Erotic: Sexy Movies that Changed History.  Some of these warrant more discussion than others.

# 18, The Nazi Officer’s Wife.

This is an autobiography of a  Jewish woman, Edith Hahn Beer, who survived the Holocaust as a “U-boat”, that is, by assuming a false identity, and passing as an arian succesfully.  While living the borrowed identity of a childhood friend (who risked her own life by letting Edith copy her papers), she meets a nazi officer (and just for the record, my not capitalizing “arian” or “nazi” is quite deliberate–they don’t deserve capital letters, grammar be damned!) who falls in love with her.  In part because she does at least fall in affection w/ him, as well as the cold, pragmatic knowledge that this is the best way to complete her disguise, she accepts his proposal.

I like the chick who wrote this book, a lot.  She was brave, braver than I think she realized se was when she was living her life underground, she has a sense of humor, and she is pragmatic without being dishonorable.  Or, she was, as Ms. Beer passed away in March 2009.

This book is worth reading, in my never to be humble opinion–This is a story we don’t hear much about, those who survived underground, it’s simply written, which makes it an “easy” read as far as vocabulary, etc.  A quick read, even.  However, that doesn’t make it an “easy” read.  There’s not much light and fluffy about this one.  In 2003, a documentary was made chronicling the story–I will be searching for that soon, and will let y’all know what I think.

#19, Sex with the Queen

And now, on the the fluff!

Sheer fun historical fluff, which I am all about.  Nothing too profound, but fun.  Plus, after 31 years of being obsessed with Anne Boleyn, I’ve found a new princess to study to death, Princess Sophea Dorothea of Celle

This is enough book discussion for now, will talk about the other two tomorrow–don’t want to use all my material at once.


On the domestic front:

My FMIL (future mother in law for those who are not obsessed with wedding website, Offbeatbride.com ) is in the hospital again for diviculitis.  Happy thoughts, good energy, and prayers are all welcome for her and her family.

I’m getting married in just 14 days.  Fear, panic, joy, excitement, repeat.  For those who don’t know, T and I are getting legally married in a pub on St. Patrick’s day.  Super casual, I’m seriously wearing a St. Patrick’s day teeshirt (and a Tiara!!), supposedly no stress at all.  Yeah, right.  All in all, though I’m feeling pretty ready for it.  T and I are very good together, we get each other, and we are crazy about each other.  We’re ready, both practically for the marriage ceremony/party, and for being married.





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